How to fix broken makeup – Quick and easy!


I broke my favorite mac mineralized skinfinish (By Candlelight) and I was seriously so heartbroken! After a quick look through pinterest – I decided to fix my broken, beloved compact makeup. It was super easy and only took about 3 minutes to do!

Products needed:
Broken Makeup 😦
Rubbing Alcohol (clear!)
Plate (to avoid any additional mess)
Spoon (to break your makeup some more!)


As much as it breaks my heart to say, you have to break up the already broken makeup some more! Use the spoon to break the bigger chunks into very small bits.


Small bits of makeup…


Take a very small amount of the rubbing alcohol (I used the cap of the alcohol to measure) and add to your broken makeup!


Mix up the makeup with the alcohol and smooth out with your spoon. For any additional clean up required, feel free to use a tissue.


Let dry for an hour or so and your makeup is good as new (hmm… not really)



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